Baldantoni Group Srl

Via Lino Liviabella 9, 61122, Pesaro, Italy

Baldantoni Group Srl

Via Lino Liviabella 9, 61122, Pesaro, Italy


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Legal advice


The Baldantoni Group company works with professional lawyers and offers its clients a wide range of legal services.

  • Presentation of documents to obtain a residence permit in Italy, Spain and Andorra.
  • Submission of documents for a foreign NIE identification number.
  • Corporate registration for companies and legal entities.
  • Legal support during the purchase of real estate and for banking transactions - until the client receives the certificate of ownership (Escritura) and then the client's registration as owner in the Spanish and Italian offices.
  • Opening an account and advice on banking operations, the choice of the best way for legal transfer of money for the purchase, as well as the registration of all documentation in Italy, Spain and Andorra.
  • Advice on the law, tax matters and a variety of other legal matters.

Only for our customers, we offer a number of additional services

  • airport transfers,
  • hotel reservations,
  • organization of a trip to view properties for sale,
  • assistance with the insurance company,
  • electricity service company,
  • water utility company,
  • swimming pool maintenance,
  • practices with local municipal authorities,
  • with government and tax authorities,
  • notary services,
  • extracted from the state register of ownership,
  • the timely payment of taxes and tax returns for filing and renting the property,
  • health, real estate and automobile insurance,
  • recruitment and control, concerns the service personnel,
  • garden care,
  • pool cleaning and elevator maintenance,
  • car rental, boat rental.

We are always ready to provide professional assistance in all matters relating to the process of buying a property or its construction, as well as in a subsequent adaptation period on Spanish territory.

Residence in Spain without the right to work

To obtain a residence permit in Spain, as in any other country in the Schengen area, the procedure is not easy. However, in the absence of a criminal record, there are no problems in obtaining a residence permit, it will therefore only be a matter of time. When considering applications for residence permits to the Spanish authorities, we are required to take into consideration a number of reasons for refusal or consent to the performance. And the possibility of staying with the whole family of the applicant (the presence of sufficient living space to live) is a positive factor.

To obtain residency in Spain, Baldantoni Group offers a full range of professional legal services. Laws change often, foreigners generally have to be followed in any case by a lawyer.
In order to provide a foreign residence permit without the will to enter the world of work, the applicant must provide adequate documentation and meet the following requirements:

  • about in duplicate.
  • 2 color photographs 3.5 x 4.5 cm on a white background, without corners and ovals
  • passport with validity of supply of one year, original and copy (all pages).
  • certificate does not convict or the equivalent document. In case of age in terms of criminal liability, such certificates are required by these countries, where the applicant's residence was residing for the past 5 years.
  • medical certificate about the absence of disease, danger to others, provided that the international position of the Sanitation 2005.
  • have medical insurance with case insurance coverage.
  • have sufficient funds to remain for the required period residence or confirm the presence of a periodic source of income funds both for themselves and for the intention of living in Spain, the members of his family. Quantitative requirements established in 2011 as an appropriate minimum level each month. € 2,130.04 for the main applicant and € 532.51 for each family member
  • the payment of the appropriate legal fees
  • not to be illegally on Spanish territory
  • has no entry ban for Schengen countries with which Spain has a single database.
  • not be a member of the voluntary return from Spain to their homeland.


The government representative of the areas of the purchased property participates in the review and evaluates the residence request and the accompanying documentation. The regional representatives of the central government, through their consulate, consider the visa to enter the Spanish territory. If you do not receive a reply from the Spanish authorities within 3 months, your visa application will be considered unsatisfied. At this point the consulate will inform the applicant about this and will illustrate the possibilities of judicial and administrative appeal.

At any stage of processing, the Consulate General can request hearings with the applicant.

The residence permit in Spain is a legitimate legal status that guarantees the following benefits:

  • the right to stay in Spain 365 days a year,
  • the right to free movement among the 27 countries included in the European Union,
  • the right to open accounts in Spanish resident banks and to obtain mortgage financing on the terms of a resident,
  • the right to subsequent registration of citizenship Spain,
  • the right to a residence permit and citizenship for family members,
  • the right to issue a residence permit for children born in Spain, accelerated lapse of time and in a simplified form.

Primary residence is issued for the current year, followed by the extension of the 2 + 2 + 5 regime.




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