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Our partners, in various construction and furnishing supplies for indoor and outdoor areas have consolidated over time mutual trust with the Architect Interior Baldantoni Giorgio and his staff: continuously improving the skills of each and techniques construction and decoration, it has increasingly become an added value, which has created, and still creates, serenity to the entire work team and for the same Giorgio Baldantoni, coordinator and supervisor of each project. This is one of the main reasons why Baldantoni Group is present in almost all areas of the design of interiors and exteriors, luxury private villas and apartments, classic or modern, but always technology and home automation, hotels and restaurants, shopping centers, shops and outlets until resorts, parks fountains, spas and gyms and spas.

Design and construction of a luxury villa in Yacht Design, interior and exterior   

An example of a beautiful partnership is that with elegant and luxury boat builders. Baldantoni Group provides a complete range of services for the creation and planning of an individual design, both for the exteriors and interiors of yachts. Our support is also of services for the completion of the entire project and negotiation of the sale: from the documentation necessary for the purchase, to the selection of the construction site in Italy, to the preparation of the project budget and assistance to all the process of construction of boats and related indoor and outdoor furniture, up todelivery of the yacht to the customer within the time and the place established. all, of course, in the original language of the final customer.



Book Yacht Design

Book Yacht Design

Browse the book concerning the work related to the Yacht Design


Additional services during the construction of the yacht:

  • Supervision and support of the customer language for the documentation, contracts and drawings
  • Meeting with the customer, budgeting and discussion of the preliminary draft of the yacht
  • project management with 3D rendering for better visualization of every detail
  • Picture quality and CAD technique for the study of materials and details
  • Coordination work for the entire period of construction and finishing coatings
  • Control of the entire manufacturing process, with designers and engineers
  • Alongside suppliers of auxiliary equipment and interior furnishings
  • Assistance to contracts with the shipyard and furnishing supplies
  • Support for all the documentation necessary and requested by the Italian Law
  • Consultancy for the test step and the recording and the Yacht Certification
  • Support of a shipowner and airline staff estimates / assessments and warranty

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