Turnkey manufacturing and projects

In the field of a "turnkey" project it means that the employer (in this case Baldantoni Group), which has the figure of contractor, is responsible to complete the work so that it is ready for ' use or the exercise of it.

We are functionally and aesthetically projects through 3D renderings and technical drawings in CAD for companies and customers. We create graphic representations of photoshop work environments.

Our book, show the design work with attachment fabrics, materials and finishes.

Implementation of projects followed step by step from professionals

We study the materials from our suppliers of confidence for you to find specific use in the project, we evaluate data sheets and capacity of plants.

We carry out projects for the deployment of the systems and home automation.

Baldantoni Group deals with specifications and graphic assistance during QUOTATATIONS. We deal architectural feature graphic and specific project construction, also, we elevations and sections of the work to be carried out.

We offer direct support for each project, either directly in the laboratory for companies to craft Maestranze. We guarantee assistance to the companies commissioned to carry out the work, the control of supplies, transport and customs clearance.

The presentation of the Project

We first aim to understand the wishes of our client, interpret them, make them our own. We have to put ourselves in his lifestyle, its culture: in short, we must speak its own "language." This is the only way to be able to present a properly targeted project.

We must therefore explain ourselves well, our interlocutor must understand what we are proposing to him. The first pencil sketches fix on paper the ideas that the designer has discussed and compared with the client. The general project establishes the fixed, strategic points to continue on the right path.

Visuals: interior architecture has its largest representation in the simulations in photorealistic renderings, ideas become reality to the smallest detail, we can see what will be produced as closely as possible. Previews faithful, who will become the photograph of the finished work.

The final design: the approval of the preliminary plan sets in motion our Esecutivisti. The work plan goes down to the details of each frame, each inlay, every seam, every brushstroke.

The management works:

the designs are turned into reality, before the preparation in the laboratory, then work in the yard, where the same experts will follow in the first installation in a workmanlike manner.

• Interior Design
• External Design
• Modeling 3D
• photo-realistic renderings
• Plant Technology
• Landscaping
• Graphics & Communication
• Arts and Crafts

Experiences, skills, techniques and craftsmanship of the highest level can get lost or confused in widespread mediocrity of our time. This as no longer required because uncompetitive, or just because they do not know. Only in the context excellence they can recover their real value and all their peculiarities. The dignity of artisans who infuse, in the works that realize, all their passion, which often coincides with the inherited from their fathers. We're talking about carpenters and carvers, glass artists, plasterers and decorators, mosaic artists and sculptors, masons, blacksmiths for wrought iron, tailors for all fabrics and light specialists. The result of their work can only lead to excellence.


Technology is important, working in symbiosis with the handicrafts and tradition. The most advanced computerized design programs (CAD / CAM, 3D Modeling, Rendering, graphics) and the numerical control machinery, make possible realizations once unattainable even by individual teachers of the sector, educated in their own discipline only for knowledge handed down. Our job is to live decoration brush with computerized automation.
Art and technology, we are good allies.


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