interior design

The interior designer is the one who deals with designing the interior architecture and everyday objects in enclosed spaces such as private homes, hotels, bars and all commercial activities.

In the last decade or so, the figure of the interior designer has become very relevant when it comes to the construction of public or private buildings. So important that specialized courses have been created in many Italian universities, among them thePolytechnic University of Milan.

The interior design interweaves many components of an enclosed space, such as, furniture, lights, colors, sounds, various plants etc ..

So compared to what commonly is associated with the figure of interior design, it is not just a fashion designer because the designer pays particular attention to practical and functional aspects of daily life, the elimination of potential dangers to the health of those who will benefit the environments, sound insulation and a good relationship between energy consumption and comfort.

Baldantoni George, founder and CEO of Baldantoni Group is an interior designer with thirty years of experience both in Italy and abroad. His group has works in several states such as Russia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Armenia, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Azerbaijan and many others ..


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