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The real estate industry that collaborates with Baldantoni Group in Italy was born from the will of the Architect Interior Giorgio Baldantoni, international designer, with twenty years experience in the markets of Russia, Azerbaijan, Spain and Switzerland and Latvia, and the group's commitment Construction Wallis, who works with decades of experience in the construction industry in Italy, Latvia, Russia, Israel and Switzerland.

The goal is to open a window to the east and northern Europe and Spain, showing the Italian territory and its excellence, offering quality investment properties and design and custom built Made in Italy, from minimalism and modernism luxury to Italian classicism.

Apartments, holiday homes, villas with land, Hotels and Accommodations, Building & Rural Areas.

Competent staff, to build over time a professional relationship and develop interesting opportunities in new markets. The project starts from the Marche and Abruzzo, where are located the main offices of Baldantoni Group and Construction Valais, and collect multiple collaborations with Italian real estate agencies, to connect them to the Russian real estate agencies.

A format already well established in Barcelona (Spain), where the staff of about 3 years offers quality real estate investment solutions and high design of the interior-architecture and gardens.

The main focus of the team is the customer of the Russian Federation, the Russian culture or origin, but great interest in this period for the markets of Sweden and the Netherlands.

Active collaboration with leading real estate brokerage agencies, particularly in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Stockholm, is reinforced by regular participation in trade fairs and exhibitions Real-estate and tourism, promoting the Italian territory through the gastronomy and wine and local art and culture, especially among Roma, Abruzzo and Marche: the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Adriatic Sea, making even know the lakes and mountains. Large requests for Rome, Florence, Milan and the North Lakes.

Recently the target audience also requires Tuscany and the goal is to expand the portfolio of real estate proposals, to suit all needs.








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