Building and construction

Baldantoni Group brings together Italian and international excellences for special, unique projects in every part of the world, exclusive residences, villas of all sizes, complete luxury furnishings, precious decorations always made to measure and directly on site, also according to the techniques of Italian renaissance.

Architects, engineers, designers, interior designers, engineers, geologists, decorators, blacksmiths, potters, carvers, glass makers, upholsterers, plasterers, electricians, illustrators, transporters, administrators ....

Specialists in the creative project, in civil and commercial construction, interior design and architecture of gardens and interiors, in close collaboration and team-project with professionals of each specific sector, technicians and selected suppliers, to realize any exclusive project in every part of the world, collaborating with the local workers and in team with the trusted professionals of the Customer.

Baldantoni Group boasts renovations in Italy and abroad, Russia, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic and many others.

The project manager works closely with the client in order to correctly understand the needs in order to realize, together with his team of expert designers, the initial idea of ​​the client and thus fulfill his dream.

Baldantoni Group collaborates with Edilizia Vallese


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