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The Baldantoni Group Company works with professional lawyers and offers its clients a wide range of legal services.

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We are always ready to provide professional assistance in all matters relating to the process of buying a property or its construction, as well as in a subsequent period of adjustment in Spain.


Residence in Spain without the right to work

To obtain a residence permit in Spain, as in any other country in the Schengen area, the procedure is not simple. However, in the absence of a criminal record, there are no problems in obtaining a residence permit, it will therefore only be a matter of time. When considering applications for residence permits to the Spanish authorities, we are obliged to consider a number of reasons for refusing or consenting to the provision. And the possibility of staying with the applicant's entire family (the presence of sufficient living space for living) is a positive factor.

To obtain residency in Spain, Baldantoni Group offers a full range of professional legal services. The laws change often, foreigners in general must be followed in each case by a lawyer.
In order to provide a residence permit foreigner without the desire to enter the world of work, the applicant shall provide appropriate documentation and meet the following requirements:

The government representative of the areas of the purchased property, participates in the review and evaluates the residence request and the accompanying documentation. The regional representatives of the central government, through their consulate, take into consideration the visa to enter the Spanish territory. If you do not receive a reply from the Spanish authorities within 3 months, your visa application will be deemed unsatisfied. At this point the consulate informs the applicant in this regard and will explain the possibilities of judicial and administrative appeal.

At any stage of processing, the Consulate General may request hearings with the applicant.

The residence permit in Spain is a legitimate legal status that guarantees the following benefits:

The primary residence is granted for the current year, followed by the extension of the scheme 2 + + 2 5.

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