Baldantoni Group offers many high quality services related to the design and realization of your dreams in real estate.

Design is a fundamental phase. The analysis of a project allows us to verify the economic, architectural and technical feasibility of an idea.

Here, the customer supports our experts step by step, so as to realize his dream.

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Baldantoni Group suceed team of experts for the realization of that which is initially only a project.

We create and build exclusive projects anywhere in the world, using only high quality materials from highly selected suppliers.

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Not only construction but also the renovation of existing buildings.

Our experienced designers realize the idea based on what are the foundations of the building and what are the demands of customers.

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Baldantoni Group delegates the sale of properties to two sub-companies, Real Estate Italia and Real Estate Espana.

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In addition to offices in Italy and Spain, Baldantoni Group has many employees around the world can guarantee advice to 360 °.

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Baldantoni Group works with professional lawyers in order to offer its clients legal advice of the highest quality.

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luxury yacht design Baldantoni group

The company boasts a partnership with companies in the nautical sector that mainly produce luxury yachts.

Our work will also concern the Yacht Design in Hotel, Bar or the like.

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Hotel alb Baldantoni design

The interior design is the professional who designs the use of everyday objects within closed spaces, such as private homes, hotels, shops etc ..

The interior designer is different from a fashion designer of interiors as pay more attention to the practical and functional aspects, energy consumption and comfort.

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