THE HISTORY: from "Studio Baldantoni" to "Baldantoni Group"

First steps

Lo Studio Baldantoni born in the 1980. The founder of the Group is the Italian designer and interior designer Giorgio Baldantoni (di Pesaro - PU), Which has gained a wealth of artistic training in Italy, the "Cradle of Art" par excellence. A formation that was then essential to realize his studies in Paris, with the achievement of a degree in Interior Architecture. Later, the designer and interior designer Marche, he specialized in other European countries, particularly in Russia, with a significant number of projects and plants in style Classic, Barocco e Liberty.

Design and luxury Design in Russia

The great passion for the 'Art Nouveau European and Modern Ruski They made him famous "Studio Baldantoni - Baldantoni Group" in certain classroom environments and Russian sumptuousness, and beyond. A prestigious award due to the talent and to privacy and the great professionalism of the Founder and Partner Giorgio Baldantoni. The first realizations of restyling of shops and hairdressers, jewelery and luxurious private apartments and bar-restaurants, the design and construction of entire hotels and the construction of luxury villas, not only in interior architectureBut from the choice of location and building from scratch.

Professionalism, quality and confidentiality

Since a long time, Giorgio Baldantoni He has assembled a team of the highest level professionals: proof of this are the excellence and beauty of the projects "turnkey." Baldantoni Group He has improved the quality of work done at various stages of organization and coordination of work at supplier companies and building sites. The best advertisement for Baldantoni Group It is in fact the simple, but swirling, "word of mouth" that its customers do with satisfaction and pride. With all Giorgio customers maintains friendly relations. After a first initial stage of acquaintance with the customer, through close cooperation and continuous dialogue, and the search for the optimal approach for each situation, Giorgio Baldantoni It reaches the most important goal: the "feeling" with the customer and the shipyard Maestranze, trust the customer.

The study of each project, as well as its programming, implementation and control over all the work is carried out personally by Giorgio Baldantoni, Joined by professionals of his choice, in respect and close collaboration with people of trust of its customers.

Baldantoni Group He collaborates with leading Italian factories for the production of finishing materials and sanitary ware and plumbing coatings, furniture and other objects, internal and external, to the curtains and upholstery fabrics. This allows you to organize a full range of services for the selection, purchase and delivery of all the necessary material in the Shipyards. Baldantoni Group It has more than two hundred projects completed with real excellence. Many of these achievements can be found on the web site and also on the Facebook page "Studio Baldantoni Design - Luxury Architectures - Baldantoni Group". Facebook-page-Baldantoni-Group

The main work has been done in particular in Russia, Switzerland, Latvia, Saudi, Spain and Italy.

Offices and external collaborations

Baldantoni Group It has the design office in Italy, in the city of Pesaro. There is also a representative office in Spain, near Barcelona, ​​and other untangled in the Russian territory (Novosibirsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg), who are engaged in the construction of villas, apartments and hotels "turnkey": the construction Companies support Baldantoni Group during the implementation of the projects. "GRUPO CONSTRUCASA - DECOESPAI" in Spain and "EDILIZIA VALLESE" in Italy are 2 windows in the real estate sales industry. "STUDIO BALDANTONI DESIGN" represents the operational part in the construction and building renovation sector and in real estate procedures, also structured for the sale of exclusive properties and building land or commercial properties.

Baldantoni Giorgio and his team are always happy to provide highly professional assistance in creating the home of their dreams.

I Our Offices in the World

ITALY - Pesaro - Alba Adriatica (TE)

RUSSIA - Novosibirsk - Moscow - Saint Petersburg

SPAIN - Pineda de Mar (Barcelona) - Arenys de Munt (Barcelona)



IFI International Federation of Interior Architects - Herengracht 162 1016 Amsterdam (Netherlands) -

BEDA Bureau of European designers dard Associations - PO C / O Box 91526 2509 EC THE HAGUE (Netherlands) -

CFAI Conseil des Architectes Francais d'Interieur -

AIPI Italian Association of Interior Architecture -

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