Villa Imperiale is located in Pesaro, near San Bartolo National Park.

Villa Imperiale in Pesaro from the 15th century

The villa was built according to the wish of the Sforza, built between the XV and XVI centuries after Christ. The denomination of the structure was born in the 1469 after the coronation in Rome of the Emperor Federico d'Asburgo, who laid the first stone in Pesaro.

The first realization was initiated by Alessandro Sforza. Although it was designed for a noble villa, it still retained formal character features of defensive architecture such as merlot crowns (later removed) and towers.

Imperial Villa in Pesaro
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In the middle of the seventeenth century, precisely in 1631, the structure passed from the Della Rovere family under the Medici property at the same time as the ascension to the power of the pontifical state in Urbino.

The first renovation of the interiors

The villa had a long period of abandonment and decline. A first restoration was carried out in the 18th century by the Castelbarco Albani family. The main changes were made internally with the painting of the hall by the artist Giuseppe Gennari.

Paintings of the Imperial Villa in Pesaro
Image of the paintings from Wikipedia

The building suffered damage during World War II.

Final restoration and current conditions

In 1945, at the behest of the counts Archinta and Guglielmo Castelbarco Albani, the new and last restorations began, which ended completely during the 70 years. With the collaboration of the Restoration Cabinet of Florence and the Superintendence also some painted walls were restored, bringing the works back to their original appearance.

To date, the Imperial Villa is private and can only be visited during the summer months (June to September) through a tourist guide from the Province of Pesaro and Urbino.


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