Il 2017 as already mentioned in our previous article the year of Greenery color.

A shade of green clear, Revitalizing which acts as a genuine breath of fresh air for those who choose it. Greenery is the symbol of new impulses, such as those that spring brings.

Sometimes it can seem complicated to renew the decor of their home, at times, however, introduce a new "color" in our home living can take place in the simplest manner, for example, putting in the closet of the tents used during ' winter and replacing them with the use of new curtains. In this way, you choose to donate, for example, a better environment light in question, seizing the pretext of a spring just begun, to replace the dark-colored curtains with the aforementioned color tends Greenery or other shades typically spring.

Room-to-bed-style green Salon-dining-style-classic

A green, which in addition to curtains, still holds more importance and become essential for the designer to create a small oasis of relaxation and peace within or outside of the home spaces.

And 'the case of the bedrooms or the gardens, where the customer immersed in the setting of flowers and greenery, finds its most complete relaxation and well-being in harmony with nature.

The garden in the spring starts to be a fundamental building block that allows an escape from work stress and bustle of daily routine, accumulated during the winter.

A request to become a priority in the creation of the project of your own home.

That's why no customer waives often now to everything, because there is no better relaxation treat yourself to a small green rectangle of happiness.

Realization-garden-of-luxury Design-construction-gardens-luxury

In conclusion, every season brings some changes, because as he wrote the famous painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso:

"When I no longer blue, I put the red"

That's why even more so, in the spring should "enter" the new colors in our environment, which will eventually have a positive impact not only on Our living home, but also on ourselves, because the color, as in this case the green, can give energy to all our daily actions


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