Black Friday ( "Black Friday" in English) is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States of America.

It is not a public holiday, but since the beginning of the traditional Christmas shopping season.

In 1924, the day after Thanksgiving, a famous chain of distribution, the Macy's organized a parade to celebrate the start of the Christmas shopping. He was not very followed by other entrepreneurs, until the years' 80 around, exploded on Black Friday in the United States of America. Today it has become a day of shopping in the world, offline, in the biggest chains in the world and especially online, in e-commerce thicker.

The exact origin of the name "Black Friday", according to some international marketing representatives, was created to the color shift on their books, from red (losses) to black (gains). From this day, it opens for business owners, the time of year with more profitable.

In 2013, in the US, about 57 billion dollars in a single day for over 80 million people have been spent.

Black Friday is usually followed by Cyber ​​Monday on the following Monday. This day characterizes Discounts electronics products.

The period of the crisis has passed, we hope that like us, every entrepreneur in the world have managed to overcome the difficult times in recent years.


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