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Baldantoni Group was born from the merger of four groups:
Baldantoni Studio, Baldantoni Project, Baldantoni International and Baldantoni Real Estate.


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The Baldantoni Studio was born in 1980 by the designer and current owner Giorgio Baldantoni, a designer and interior architect with the passion for classic and detail for details.

The name of "Studio" then evolved into "BALDANTONI GROUP": companies and companies owned by the Founder and his family have been able to make their way into various areas of design and services, in the realization of private luxury homes, particular in Italian classical style, thanks also to the collaboration with the best manufacturing companies all over Italy, decorators and artisans of precious and sought after materials. Over time, Giorgio Baldantoni has assembled a team of professionals in the industry, as evidenced by the high level of projects completed, the quality of work done and customer satisfaction in various parts of the world, in particular countries such as Russia, Czech Republic, Ukraine , Armenia, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Azerbaijan and many more.

Now Baldantoni Group is a large company that focuses on the satisfaction of its customers by focusing on the quality of its work.


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The feasibility study focuses on real aesthetic and functional needs, with attention and attention to the details and techniques of realization, respect and esteem for the craftsmen of the shipyards and the craftsmen.

The implementation of the projects is meticulously organized by the location and logistics as well as the constant search for excellence in the manufacturing and furnishing of furnishings and building materials.


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